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Joy of Giving Him Jyoti

At Him Jyoti School we are committed to empowering girls from economically deprived sections of society through quality education, holistic development and exposure to opportunities. We want them to become independent responsible citizens who contribute to their communities.

Our vision has been supported by philanthropists, NRIs, trusts, corporate houses and nonprofits working to create positive social impact.

We are grateful that our Him Jyoti family continues to grow with an expanding pool of donors who dedicate their funds, time, effort and skills towards the growth of students and teachers.

Types of Programs

The contributions to the school are managed under The Himalayan School Society and are eligible for tax benefits under Section 80 G. The school has thoughtfully outlined various programs that will help you choose or create the cause that aligns with you.

Sponsor Girls Education

We believe that when girls are educated, their whole community benefits. Extreme poverty, illiteracy of parents and entrenched patriarchy have all played a role in keeping the girls

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Build and enhance School facilities

School has a corpus fund that is used to build and continually enhance the school’s infrastructure of various blocks

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Define your cause

Each year we have individuals who join the Him Jyoti family in a unique way. They work with the school to create a contribution program that aligns with their cause, values and school ethos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the HSS (Himalayan School Society) a registered body with due certifications?

The HSS (Himalayan School Society) is duly Registered with the Registrar of Societies in the state of Uttarakhand and is certified with 12A and 80G certificates under Income Tax provisions. In addition, it is also registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to receive donations under CSR.

Who are your targeted beneficiaries?

We provide education and overall growth opportunities to girls from extremely underprivileged families living in the villages located in the remote mountainous regions of Kumaon and Garhwal in Uttarakhand along with a few from Sikkim.

What are the benefits enjoyed by your beneficiaries?

They enjoy the benefit of an entire ecosystem; they are provided excellent schooling using the latest methods, along with comprehensive sports and other co-curricular activities; they also live on a state-of-the-art, safe, secure, fully equipped with up-to-date amenities and round-the-clock supervised campus with hostel facilities. All facilities are provided free-of-charge to the girls. In many cases, they are also supported through College and University.

What are HSS Society’s sources of income?

We operate entirely on the strength of donations we receive from numerous benefactors which include individuals, foundations, organizations, and corporate entities. We also receive income in the form of interest on accumulated reserves in our Corpus Fund.

Are your beneficiaries required to make payments/fees?

No, our Institutions are entirely cost-free. The beneficiaries do not pay at all for any kind of cost. All boarding, lodging and academic expenses are borne by the Society.

What is the procedure followed to admit a student?

An entrance test is conducted at three Centres each in the Garhwal and Kumaon Mandals and at the Him Jyoti School on one of the Sundays in the month of February. Two girls from Sikkim are nominated by the education department each year, from the remotest villages and impoverished families. Information regarding criteria and test dates is sent to all Districts and Blocks of Uttrakhand, through Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and the Department of Education.

  • Applicants are tested in English, Math, Hindi, General Awareness, Logic and reasoning. The syllabus is based on Class 4 of Government primary schools.
What are the criteria by which we select our beneficiaries?

The primary criterion is that all children should belong to rural areas and be studying at the government run “Prathamik Vidyalaya” or Primary school. Students from urban areas are not eligible for the test. The top scoring 60 girls and their parents are invited to the interview where the most deserving 30 are selected.

  • Only those girls are eligible whose family income is below Rs. 4lakh per annum
  • Only one girl child per family is offered admission to the school.
  • Students must have secured at least 60% in the previous class.
  • Admission is granted in Class 5 only to girls between the ages of 9-11 years.
Are you eligible to receive donations from foreign nationals?

Yes, we have been approved for foreign funding under the FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, under the Income Tax provisions by the Government of India.

I am an Indian national, what tax benefits would I be entitled to if I were to donate to your cause?

All donors receive a certificate under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, which entitles them to a 50% tax exemption.

I am living in another country overseas. How should I go about donating?

If you have an Indian Passport, you are considered an Indian national and you can donate to us as such while enjoying the applicable tax benefits; this donation has to be from an Indian Bank account.

If you are a non-Indian citizen, all donations will have to be made to our FCRA Account and you will be subject to the tax laws of the country you reside in. You can write to us for our banking credentials.

Is the HSS Society affiliated with any religion or religious organization?

The Society maintains no affiliation with any religion or religious organization and is secular in nature. We do not solicit donations from any religious organizations.

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