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The initiatives I had taken in my tenure in Uttarakhand are simply a reflection of my deep and abiding faith in the decency and dignity of the ordinary citizen. More than 5000 children and adults have undergone cleft lip and cleft palate surgery free of cost 450 home toilets have been constructed in village homes at a total cost of Rs.22 lakhs. Dehradun today has India’s most modern centrally air-conditioned four storeyed Blood Bank. 160 Tsunami affected children have received financial support for their sustenance and education for three years. These are some of the projects undertaken and accomplished.

The economic compulsions on account of abject poverty have drawn the attention of women away from providing moral strength and courage to their daughters turning to mundane responsibilities like tilling the field, gathering fodder and collecting precious drinking water. The girl child is looked down upon as a service provider rather than a potential bread winner. In such a scenario, the priorities of education diminish, often shutting out opportunities even for the best girls.

Is it fair to crush a bud even before it has had an opportunity to blossom ? Should economic needs deprive young girls of their rightful place in a progressive society ? Who will take the onus of providing the girl child the position she rightly deserves in 21st century society?

The Him Jyoti Boarding School for girls is a bold initiative aimed at providing opportunities for value based quality education to bright girls from economically disadvantaged families. Unarguably, the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.’ These girls are merely waiting for their latent energy to be tapped and Him Jyoti School’s sole endeavour is to help them emerge vibrant, dynamic, compassionate, caring and well equipped to face the world. The onus lies on the civil society to make a difference in their lives as the role given to women in society is a measuring road and true index of its civilizational attainment.

Three girls are in Lady Shriram College; two are in I P College; Delhi, six girls are in the Govt. College for Girls in Chandigarh; and two girls are at the Asian Women’s University, Chittagong (Bangladesh).

We conducted Bhumi Pujan at the Vocational Training Institute for girls on March 4, 2014. We shall admit 100 girls each year for a 2 year course in 4 disciplines from the academic session starting in April/May 2015. This is our new project to empower women.

Him Jyoti School is receiving support from all who believe in the magic of education to empower women. It will be a matter of great joy when some day, a girl from the Him Jyoti School rises to the office of the Governor of a State.

The Him Jyoti School and the proposed Vocational Training Institute are our humble contributions towards empowering the women in Uttarakhand.

Late Sudarshan Agarwal
Late Sudarshan Agarwal

Former Governor of Uttarakhand & Sikkim

“I won’t be far away, for life goes on.
Just listen with your heart and you’ll hear my love all around you.”

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Friends of the Founder

Him Jyoti was a dream that got seeded on a Shatabdi train journey from Delhi to Dehradun that friends Sudarshan Agarwal, KN Memani, OP Vaish and Virendra Dayal took. It got wings to fly through the efforts of these people and many more who supported this noble cause.

Message from KN Memani

We have an obligation and a responsibility to be investing in our students and our schools. We must make sure that people who have the grades, the desire and the will, but no the money, can still get the best education possible – Barack Obama

The Him Jyoti School is one such venture that has attempted to reach out to those who deserve but cannot afford, to those who desire but cannot acquire and to those who dream but cannot realize those dreams.

In the fast-paced world of today where one doesn’t realize when the day begins and when it ends, one must have the courage to go after one’s heart’s desire so that when it’s time to look back at what difference one made to the world, one can be grateful that one led a life with a purpose and a meaning. The Him Jyoti School is that purpose and that meaning to all those involved with it. In life, it is far simpler to be successful than to be valuable, for a valuable person is the one who gives to society more than what he gets.

Our attempt and aim have always been to give the best that we can to the under privileged girls of the state of Uttarakhand. We try to reach out to the girls from the remotest parts of the State so that they get exposed to the world, learn and move on from here. Educating them in real terms, making them independent, ensuring that they never forget their roots and teaching them to be the torch bearers of tomorrow is what we envisage.

What we do and what we give is due to our sponsors, who are shining examples of truly valuable human beings. We are grateful to them, and our girls do not just benefit from their material generosity but from their personalities and human qualities as well. “The fact that we are able to give not just the best education but the best facilities in terms of sports, a well-stocked library, a language lab, a modern computer lab, etc. to our girls is due to our generous sponsors.

The girls are encouraged to take part in activities beyond their scholastic curriculum. They are made aware of the varied problems that face society today and it is our conscious attempt to shape them into sensitive human beings, sensitive to any form of injustice, sensitive to the environment, sensitive to their families and friends back home, and most importantly, sensitive to those less fortunate than themselves. For this, various workshops related to social issues, environmental issues and visits to orphanages and old age homes are organized on a regular basis.

What we have undertaken to do is a small but sure step in the most important direction of educating the girl child in an age when we still hear of female foeticide, honour killings and many more crimes related to girls and women. We are sure that by educating our girls we will not just educate an individual but a family, for it is this very girl who will take the baton and the torch of selfless service in the field of education and reach out to include those left behind in the race of life.

For me personally, I could not have chosen to be a part of a better and nobler cause than this.

Message from Virendra Dayal

This wonderful school, Him Jyoti, is above all the fulfilment of the vision of its mentor, my friend, and colleague, Sudarshan Agarwal.

No school has been a source of greater joy and satisfaction to me. What is it that makes this school regular?

First and foremost, this school embodies two great ideals: justice and equity.

Its purpose is to open the doors of equal opportunity for the girl child, particularly girls from economically disadvantaged families of Uttarakhand. Once they enter the portals of Him Jyoti, these girls enter a new world of aspiration and hope. It is extraordinary to witness the flowering of their ability and confidence in the three successive years they spend at Him Jyoti.

Second, this school illustrates, more than any other I know, that it is opportunity that unlocks the gates to the freedom of choice on which rests a life of dignity and achievement. It is an opportunity that redresses the imbalances of birth and circumstance. This school provides opportunity, of the finest kind, in abundance.

Third, this school is, by any measure, among the best boarding schools for girls that I have seen. It is proof that equality can, if we want, be created “upward”; we can level upward, if we choose, not level downward. The school is an example and a model that can and should be emulated.

Fourth, the proof of this is in the increasingly strong and competitive performance of our girls in every sphere of activity: academics, sports, theatre and, yes, even social service for those less privileged. The aspirations of our girls are reflected in the choices they make after graduating from Him Jyoti, in the colleges they attend, and in the careers they choose.

Fifth, the Him Jyoti family is a rare and unique family. It binds together, in a close and caring relationship, the girls themselves, their parents, most of whom are from the interior of Uttarakhand, the devoted staff, and the gracious donors and sponsors, many of whom see the girls through their entire schooling and, subsequently, through their undergraduate  years in college. This is a transcendent relationship that uplifts all. May it long flourish!

I see Him Jyoti School as a bright and brilliant beacon of light and hope in our country, in the lives of the girls who attend it, in the lives of their families and communities, and in the lives of all of us who have the joy and the privilege of being associated with it. It is a great endeavour.

Tribute Messages

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