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Volunteer at Him Jyoti

‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.’ – Mahatma Gandhi

Become part of our movement to empower girls from economically weaker sections of society.

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Each volunteer is welcomed into the Him Jyoti family where they feel the positive energy of the School. The time and effort volunteers contribute through their skills is not only immensely helpful for the girls and teachers, but also extremely gratifying for the volunteers.

The volunteers support the Him Jyoti family in diverse ways. They teach classes, conduct workshops on new age technologies and skills, support the girls in sports and co-curricular activities, mentor girls in academics and careers, provide STEM learning support.



We are looking for high energy individuals who are keen to create a positive social impact. Those who are looking to give back to the society through their knowledge and skills.



Your skills and knowledge will benefit to empower girls and are aligned with school’s vision. You are willing to go through the application process including submitting of CV, work references and interviews with our volunteer selection body.

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Volunteer at Him Jyoti

Volunteer at Him Jyoti
What are the skills and knowledge we are looking for in volunteers?

Skills and knowledge that will benefit the girls or teachers in overall development aligned to the school’s vision.

  • Academics – Teach girls in Class V to XII, especially on digital and new age technologies.
  • Sports – Coach the girls in various sports activities or help them prepare for a tournament.
  • Co-curricular Activities – Conduct workshops for girls in the various co-curricular activities to enhance their skills.
  • Soft and Life Skills – Conduct workshops on soft skills such as public speaking, digital marketing, photography, leadership etc.
  • Teacher Upskill Workshops – Conduct workshops that will enhance the knowledge of teachers with new age skills.
  • School projects – Support school in programs that will further school vision such as social media management for school, creating new programmes for girls or teachers
What qualifications are required?

There are no mandatory qualification requirements to apply for a volunteer programme at Him Jyoti. Your skills and knowledge to contribute to the school will be evaluated during the application process.

When does the academic year start for Him Jyoti?

The new academic year starts in April each year. The girls go back home during the winter break from mid December to January.

How does the school support the volunteers?

The school provides free accommodation and meals on campus to the volunteers. Each volunteer is assigned a guide teacher and also given a letter of recommendation for their work at school.

Who should I get the letter of reference from?

You can submit a letter of reference from any individual who can attest your knowledge and skills. This can generally come from a supervisor from work.

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Our Volunteer Stories

Anusha Jagota, Talk To Me

A mentorship program that supports 14 girls from class 7 to improve their conversational and social skills through virtual sessions with girls. Each mentor is deeply invested in the progress of the girls over a period ranging from a year to more.

EY STEM Tribe App

EY STEM Tribe is an innovative gamified mobile platform for girls aged 13-18 that aims to identify, inspire and empower the next generation of girls in STEM to create a more equal future. The girls get free access to learn from the platform.

Waste Warriors

We are a non-profit organization, catalyzing systemic change to solve the waste management crisis in the Indian Himalayan Region. Along with the school teachers, they conducted an awareness workshop on waste management for the girls. They periodically support the school in waste disposal in a sustainable manner.

Neetu Singh

After her visit to school inspired by girls, she started “Project Dream On” to climb the 7000+ metre (23,200 ft) peak in the Indian Himalaya and run the 72 km high altitude Khardung La Challenge. The project was aimed at seeking support for the Him Jyoti girls through donations or volunteer contributions from her network.

Ankita Jain

As a Fulbright English Teaching Fellow from June 2019-March 2020, Ankita Jain spent nine months teaching English communications, literature, and creative writing at Him Jyoti School.

Meher Walia

Meher Walia, a Science graduate who is currently pursuing B.Ed., successfully completed her three-month internship under the supervision of the Principal and the Subject teacher from October 2022 to January 2023.

During this period, she did regular classroom teaching in Class 6 and conducted curricular and co-curricular activities in the context of science teaching.

Workshop on Nest Making

“Let us save our sparrow’s habitat before it’s too late.”

A workshop on ‘Nest Making’ was hosted by Him Jyoti School, on 2nd October 2022. It was conducted by Mr. Rakesh Khatri, an environmentalist and Founder of the Eco Roots Foundation, which works tirelessly to conserve the ecosystem, environment, and biodiversity.

Mr. Khatri also demonstrated the step-by-step process of nest-making using materials such as plastic jars, pencils, cloths, jute, rope, wool, paper cuttings, dry leaves, etc.

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Gratifying Moments of Our Volunteers

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